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Start your own Bailine business, or expand your current business by adding a new Bailine service

Set your own goals for economic freedom in the health and beauty business. Turn your time and effort into more money with Bailine

Bailine is an advanced system for figure shaping and weight control with the help of computer aided training simulators.

Women all over the world know they can go to a hairdresser and get a new look for their hair. Our vision is that all women should also be able to go to Bailine and get a new look for their figure.

The development of Bailine started in the sixties, and today there are Bailine studios all over Scandinavia where Bailine originated.

Bailine is also established in parts of Europe and the USA, as well as in several other countries, and we are looking for new partners to expand Bailine into new areas.

Bailine is based on proven principles - used in new ways with the help of a unique simulator technique

In Bailine we do not believe that one or only a few methods can be suitable for everyone. The Bailine methods can be specific to each client, with physical exercises and information about effective dieting and psychological methods.

Our best advertisements are the women that have already set and achieved their goals with Bailine. Bailine would not have existed for so many years if it was not for our many satisfied clients.

Experienced Bailine studios can even offer a money back guarantee for clients that do not reach their goals.

However it is the advanced simulator technology that makes the Bailine system unique. Developed in house, the simulators are the result of many years of research and experience.

How to get started with Bailine

No specific background or previous experience is necessary to start a Bailine figure studio.

We can supply the training and the equipment you would need to run your own Bailine business.

Training starts with self-studies. Practical training takes place at the main offices in Norway, Ireland or other training locations.

There are several options for further training and update courses.

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