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Figure control for women

Bailine is an international organization helping women achieving healthier, thinner and well-shaped bodies - or maintaining the beautiful body they may already have.

When you are younger, you get a lot for free, but as the years goes by, more effort is necessary to maintain a good shape.

Bailine has specific programs for hips, waist, thighs, abdominal area, back etc, with more many programs such as: electrobic fat burner, baby boom, high and low impact, interval training, skin tightening and deep massage.

When the client comes to the trial session, she is greeted by a therapist and shown into a private cubicle. The client is weighed and measured. The therapist discusses her measurements and preferences with her.

Next it is time for the client to experience the Bailine simulator training. The client lies down on a bed; the therapist attaches simulator pads to the clients and starts a program for the Bailine simulator. The therapist stays with the client until she has verified everything is working properly and that the client is comfortable.

During the treatment, the client listens to a CD with information on what Bailine can offer and what the client can expect of services in Bailine.

Women that visit Bailine today are often daughters of women who started years ago. Bailine would not have existed for more than 40 years if it was not for our satisfied clients. Our best advertisements are the clients that set and achieve their goals with Bailine.

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