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Women's health and figure studio

Are you interested in running your own business? You can start with a low investment and develop your business to a complete health and beauty studio

Owning and managing your own business is one of the most exciting, challenging and worthwhile occupations known. It provides you not only with a source of income generated by yourself, but it solves other people's problems and creates jobs.

A weight and figure problem is always a personal issue. Many people feel uncomfortable with their body sizes. Bailine respects this and we offer our treatment in separate cubicles.

Costs of establishing a Bailine studio vary depending on how many cubicles and simulators you would like to start with and what you may already have in the way of computers, office equipment and decor.

Price example: The cost of starting up a small Bailine studio with three training cubicles and three Bailine training simulators could be as low as EU 19.000.- with a monthly rent.
(excl. VAT/sales taxes).

Your own Bailine studio

Your Bailine studio should be located in an area that women frequent. You will need a waiting area and access to water and toilets. Your studio does not need to be on the ground floor or in the middle of the town centre as your client's appointments will mostly be made by telephone. Ensure there is access to parking spaces and public transportation.

Will Bailine be right for you?

The Bailine system is a complete program to achieve wellness and an improved apperance by using electronic and computer technology.

  • Nutritional guidance for those who are overweight and for those who wish to identify exactly which foods work best for their dietary needs
  • Individual figure shaping exercises which may be adjusted according to the client's own wishes and needs
  • Mental motivation with the use of CD's or audiocassettes to help the client to complete the program and thereby achieve the expected results.

Do you have the following characteristics to become a successful Bailine owner?

  • Interested in exercise, nutrition and personal development.
  • Enjoy helping other women with their figure problems.
  • Hard worker, willing to putting in more hours and working more intensely than associates or colleagues.
  • Motivated by more than money alone, enjoy building a successful business and don't anticipate the wealth at the end of the journey as the sole reward.
  • Practical and result-oriented, don't work hard merely for the sake of working hard, but want to accomplish something.
  • Enjoy taking responsibility and be able to concentrate your attention on a desired objective.

The next step

At Bailine we are not only dedicated to supporting women in their financial and personal development, we also pride ourselves on our unique family of therapists.

If you feel that working within an industry aimed at helping women to succeed in looking and feeling their best, and at the same time providing an opportunity for financial freedom is right for you, please contact us for additional information.

We look forward hearing from you, click here.