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Bailine can be an additional service in a hair salon to help increase the income of the salon.

All women know that they can go to a hairdresser and get a new hair style. Now, they can go to their hairdresser and get a new body!

Bailine improves your body shape, making it smoother, more toned and more attractive.

Price example: The cost of adding a Bailine treatment cubicle with a training simulator and instructional CDs for the clients could be as low as EUR 6.950.- (excl. VAT/sales taxes)

Bailine offers a beauty treatment in harmony with the modern woman's busy schedule.

A Bailine cubicle uses no more space than a hairdresser cubicle. The system is very efficient because the client can be connected to a Bailine simulator in only five minutes and the hairdresser can take care of her other activities.

The Bailine treatment is controlled by a computer and a series of CDs that provide information for weight loss.

For more information on the use of Bailine in Hairdressing salons, click here.