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Mental training

Everyone will agree that it is important to keep your body in shape with regular exercise and a proper diet. But it is equally important to take care of your mental development. Most people use only a small part of their mental capacity.

Personal development is an important part of the Bailine program - to our partners, therapists and clients.

Mental training takes place using a series of CDs that deals with step by step information and guidance on how to set up important goals in life and how to realize those goals.

Bailine mental training includes:

  • Goal - turn your dreams into goals and your goals into reality
  • Meditation - the art of relaxing and unwinding
  • Memory - how to study and learn new things faster
  • Communication - the art of listening and speaking efficiently
  • Motivation - learn how to win
  • Creativity - solve problems and tasks effectively
  • Time control - manage time better
  • Intelligence - learn to think properly
  • Intuition - develop your powers of observation

Mental training has been utilized since the beginning of time. It was used in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and India and all over the world. Medicine men and priests used mental training in religious and therapeutic forms.

Within medicine, placebos (inert drugs, e.g. sugar pills) are used and the patients are led to believe that these drugs are effective - as a placebo can be an effective drug if the patient believes in it.

For more information on the use of Bailine mental training, click here.