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Stress control

You can eat the healthiest food in the world, but if you eat while under stress you will not receive the full nutritional value from the meal.

Bailine offers programs that teaches the client to control stress.

What happens when we eat under stress? The following will happen:

  • There is less oxygen going to the stomach,
  • There is less blood circulation and reduced production of enzymes.
  • The nutritional intake is reduced.
  • Elimination of important nutrients increases. The body rids itself of calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium and other essential minerals through the urine.
  • Cholesterol levels increase. Stress is one of the most underestimated causes of high cholesterol.
  • Cortisol is produced and is linked to the deposition of dangerous body fats, posing a high risk for diabetes and heart disease.
  • The level of thyroid hormone is reduced. Thyroid is the hormone that speeds up the digestive process in virtually every cell in the body.
  • The level of free radicals increases. This inhibits the immune system and causes the body to age faster.

And these are just some examples of how stress affects us.

For more information on the use of Bailine for stress control, click here.